Time for Drawing weekends are useful for all people wanting to improve their drawing skills, let go of inner critic and learn to trust themselves more. Rena creates a safe, relaxed and playful environment for learning.

“What a relevant if not perfect proposition for a ‘Time for Drawing’: a masterclass of willing individuals all sharing the common goal of wanting to explore the art of ’seeing through drawing’. I thank you Rena for opening my eyes. I’m definitely no expert, but I know now how to improve_ for me it’s not about the best looking drawing or it being 100% accurate, but you allowed me to explore. In doing so I allowed myself to express what I ‘felt’, and I believe that is what good design is all about.” ~ Rob, young architect

“Thanks for hosting the drawing class. It really was a wonderful weekend. I left feeling very energised and very inspired! My 5hrs drive home was easy and i didn’t even need any music or radio to entertain me! For me it was good to see the different ways of approaching the drawing process, particularly connecting with the site and letting the body draw. This aspect I’m keen to explore further. Holding the class at such an incredible building was a great choice. The buildings monastic feel really connected me to the site. And what a subject to draw!” ~ Ian , architect

“I valued the slow process of understanding and valuing awareness through experience. Starting slowly and building – Draw chairs – Draw landscape – Draw building in landscape. This process was supported by the experiential aspects of the workshop, such as living on site and sleeping in the pods that engaged your senses from first light. Movement classes related to this kinetic experience of the site, the elements and the built form back to my own movement.
It is always tempting to view the world as a sequence of ‘hero shots’. The view from the breakfast table was one of these.
The perched view dominates and positions the eyes as the primary sense. So the gradual awakening of the other senses was a positive counterbalance.
Thank you for the weekend workshop, it was a fantastic experience and a great reminder of things forgotten.” ~ Oscar, sculptor and architecture student

“My Riversdale weekend
I looked again at architecture that reminded me why I had taken the road to becoming an architect
A dozen previously unknown people openly shared their stories, talents
A man being led blindfolded through trees in pursuit of a wombat reached out to touch the air in front of him
And drawing felt good.
Thanks again for a brilliant time Rena – There are a lot of memories there that will always be great fun to look back on. “ ~ Tim, young architect

“ I discovered for myself a thrill for drawing. The weekend was over way to fast, yet I think it left everybody wanting more which is not such a bad way to end things.
Thank you to Rena, for gathering and leading a very extraordinary weekend.” ~ Kimberley, dancer