Wollombi Drawing Weekend

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Drawing Breath

5-7th November 2010

2 day residential drawing workshop with Rena Czaplinska in Wollombi Hunter Valley

We often draw with a fixed idea of what we want, we try to be accurate but we miss what is really there—the rhythms, the tones, the harmonies, the very life of a thing. In this workshop, for architects, students and artists at any level of experience, we will explore how to see past what the mind thinks it knows.

Drawing with charcoal, ink and water in a safe and relaxed atmosphere will allow us to rediscover the natural wisdom of the body, drop the thinking mind with its preconceived ideas, and reclaim and deepen our drawing skills. Daily awareness through movement exercises will help us to loosen up, and awaken our senses. We will focus on what is around us and draw the inspiration from human figure and from Wollombi landscape.

Click here to download the a flyer for the Drawing Weekend.

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